Dated Report - Price Reduced

Drummond Consulting has completed an assessment of the ultimate natural gas potential for Northeast British Columbia. The non-exclusive study includes the discovered natural gas reserves to the end of 2002, and an assessment of the undiscovered natural gas resource, as of December 31, 2002. The assessment includes continuous type tight gas, but excludes coal bed methane and shale gas. In the evaluation a total of 105 play areas in 25 stratigraphic horizons are assessed. The report gives a stratigraphic and geographic distribution of discovered, undiscovered and ultimate natural gas resources mapped by township/NTS grid.  The report also includes discovered pool size distributions and estimated undiscovered pool sizes. The assessment is available as a 2,000 page pdf report only, or pdf report plus Excel data files.  

The pricing for the report is: PDF only - $1,000 + GST, PDF plus Excel data files - $5,000 + GST.

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